We Provide Only The Best Custom Bulk Handling Equipment

bulk batching systemSince 1980, Ingredient Masters has assisted powder processing plants in upgrading from multi-wall paper bags, boxes and drums, to bulk bags. The result: significant savings in process cycle time, lower costs, less dunnage, and better ergonomics.

Bulk material handling, and bulk material conveyor systems, are our specialty. Efficient powder handling requires specific skills—and we have more direct experience, in more facilities than any company in the powder handling field.

If bulk material handling and bulk material conveyor systems are critical to your operation, Ingredient Masters offers nearly 40 years of design, manufacturing and installation experience in this specialty. We work with greenfield projects, system upgrades and expansions—any application that involves powder process equipment for dry or powdered material. And, when the project calls for conveyance, we supply highest quality pneumatic conveyor systems as part of a comprehensive system.

Custom Engineered Just For Your Application

Ingredient Masters is a custom house. We evaluate your needs and design powder process equipment that fits your budget, and facility. We can also show you ways to avoid expenditures for add-on devices, such as bulk bag conditioners. And, we can provide you with extensive, objective information regarding critical decisions, such as whether a gain-in-weight, or loss-in-weight batching system, will best serve your long-term needs. We also offer a Powder Process Analysis that covers all aspects of your powder handling operation, and offers solid recommendations that can immediately boost production capacity, reduce labor and streamline receiving, throughput and overall supply logistics.

We are proud to be project partners with Mettler-Toledo, Inc., King Bag and Manufacturing, InterBulk USA and other outstanding manufacturers.

Put Our Experience and Expertise To Work For You

With 40+ years experience, we understand the costs of designing and manufacturing systems for bulk material handling and powder process equipment. We also know that, in most cases, we can manufacture a new bulk material handling system for what you expect to pay for used equipment.

Whether you need a plant layout to accommodate powder process equipment in a new facility, are looking for bulk material handling that’s more productive or flexible, or interested in a new batching technology that prevents dust emissions better than any alternative, we welcome your call.

Optimizing product flow, from receipt of raw inventory to the shipment of finished goods, is our specialty. And when our design and manufacturing skills are paired with controls integration and commissioning, the result is a turn-key package that is efficient and cost-effective.

Scott Culshaw

Mike Gasaway