automated batching systems


Key Features

  • Patented polyethylene dispensers to promote flow of fine materials to heavy aggregate

  • Experienced staff to guide you from concept to commissioning

  • Systems utilize off-the-shelf components to reduce downtime and costs

  • Solutions designed around your existing process and available space

  • Complete solution from design, engineering and manufacturing to installation, commissioning, training and support

  • Major, minor and micro ingredient batching systems

  • Automated systems reduce labor and minimize ergonomic risks

  • Multiple batch accumulation options, including scale carts and scaled conveying systems

  • Integrated dust mitigation to control fugitive process dust

  • Multiple metering options to provide ultimate flexibility to meet speed and accuracy requirements

  • Proven control systems with customizable user interface

  • Integrated bar code and RFID options to simplify product traceability

  • Compatible with most ERP systems for inventory and lot control and product traceability

  • On-site and remote technical support

  • Modular designs to minimize start-up and down-time while supporting future expansion


Scale Cart Indexing Sequence


Automated Batching System
Dispensing material