Do I Need A Bulk Bag Conditioner?

A bulk bag conditioner (sometimes called a bulk bag pre-conditioner or bulk bag massager) is often purchased to assure good and consistent flow of dry ingredients before they’re discharged.

Clumps in dry ingredients can develop during transit, particularly if the ingredient is hygroscopic, or has been exposed to extreme temperatures. And bulk bags that sit in storage can easily become compacted and flow-resistant.

Many companies sell a bulk bag conditioner to solve this problem, but is the problem the tendency of ingredients to become compacted, or a dry material handling system that is unable to perform properly without help from a bulk bag conditioner?

Ingredient Masters has specialized in the development and manufacture of batching systems that use bulk bags for more than three decades. And we have demonstrated that the vast majority of systems will flow material successfully and consistently, under all operating conditions, without the added cost and complexity of a bulk bag conditioner.

We realize that this is heresy to some bulk bag manufacturers, and the companies who sell batching systems that require them. But it is absolutely true that only a very small percentage of materials require a bulk bag conditioner to produce good material flow if the batching system is well-engineered.

We have shown, in hundreds of dry ingredient batching systems, that when bags are specified correctly, and positioned and suspended properly, a bulk bag conditioner is unnecessary. Whether you’re in the food, pharma, ceramics, chemical, refractory or another industry, we can show you a system that flows material without a bag massager or bulk bag conditioner.

Save your money for something you really need. See how an Ingredient Masters system performs without a bulk bag conditioner or other “helper” device.