Bulk Bag Filler

Bulk Bag Fillers by Ingredient Masters fill bulk bags efficiently and effectively. The bag filling systems interface with virtually any conveyor or directly with your production line. With a streamlined design, the bulk bag loaders are height-adjustable for best ergonomics and feature heavy-service frames for maximum stability. Our bulk bag fillers accommodate a broad range of bulk bag sizes and can be supplied with pre-inflators, product de-aerators, and base-mounted load cells for greatest fill consistency.

The Ingredient Masters Bulk Bag Filler System efficiently and fully loads dry bulk solids into bulk bags such as FIBC, jumbo sacks, flexible totes and other types of bulk bags.


Increase production efficiency with a bulk bag filler that accommodates a broad range of bag sizes and produces easy-to-handle filled bulk bags.

Key Features

  • Designed for compatibility with existing equipment
  • Accurately and safely fill bulk bags
  • Increase productivity and precision of your bulk bag filling operation
  • Optional enhancements to meet your unique needs