buzz screw feeder

Finally, a viable alternative to upgrading your hand-scoop operations!

The Buzz Screw? Feeder bridges the gap between complex, expensive automated screw feeders and laborious, inaccurate manual scooping of dry materials. Using a simple cordless drill, the Buzz Screw Feeder dispenses most dry bulk materials quickly, precisely and easily. Ideal for applications including lab adds, minor ingredient adds and smaller scale batching operations.

Constructed with all food grade materials and featuring a stainless steel screw auger, the Buzz Screw Feeder is simple to use. Just attach the cordless drill with a socket to the hex nut on the Buzz Screw drive shaft and operate the drill at the speed you need to quickly meter out the bulk of your material. The hand wheel on the Buzz Screw Feeder is used for final precision to achieve target weight.

The Buzz Screw Feeder 175 Series can dispense at a rate of up to 1.25 cubic feet per minute (dependent on material characteristics), while the 250 Series is capable of up to 3.45 cubic feet per minute.

The Buzz Screw Feeder can be attached to a variety of surge hoppers including the full line of Ingredient Masters dispensers ranging in size from 8 cubic feet to 80 cubic feet.