Manual batching


Key Features

·     Polyethylene dispensers (FDA/USDA approved)

·     One or multiple metering stations

·     Easy to operate manual pivot valves or Buzz Screw options

·     Precision metering and weighing systems for dry materials

·     Wall mount or other space saving configurations available

·     Modular design allows for expansion

·     Fast ROI with the ability to be reconfigured for automation in the future

Manual Batching System in action

 Finally! A viable alternative to hand scooping.


The Buzz Screw? Feeder bridges the gap between complex, expensive automated screw feeders and laborious, inaccurate manual scooping of dry materials. Using a simple cordless drill, the Buzz Screw Feeder dispenses most dry bulk materials quickly, precisely and easily. Ideal for applications including lab adds, minor ingredient adds and smaller scale batching operations.