The Hempel Group chose Ingredient Masters automated batching technology for its manufacturing facility in Hong Kong

Start-up was completed in March 2010. An Ingredient Masters Automated Batching System was also chosen for the company’s manufacturing plant in Buk, Poland which opened April 27, 2010. The Poland project was CE certified and ATEX certified; the system for Hong Kong was built to the same specifications. The Hempel Group is a leading global supplier of coatings for marine, container, protective and decorative applications.

The installation at Hempel Poland is CE certified and ATEX certified. It is a two-floor configuration, with discharge of individual ingredients from 1000 kg bulk bags and 25 kg bags, from the upper floor.

Start-up and training is now complete at Hempel Poland, where an Ingredient Masters 24-station dry ingredient batching system will enable the company to manufacture 40 million liters of coatings per year.

The tanks for the Hempel project were manufactured from a permanent, semi-conductive polyolefin compound that provides excellent resistivity to static charges, and excellent flow and impact properties.